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Advertisement Clearly, the most famous shredder in popular culture would have to be the villain Shredder from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." But since our scope is limited to mach...Winter x Qibli: Controversy starter Kinkajou x Turtle: Even shipped in the story itself Umber x Flame: Sweet and Sour (maybe, idk) Qibli x Moonwatcher: Controversy starter part 2 Sky x Sunny: Wholesome meets wholesome Turtle x Stick: For sanity's sake that's a joke * rimshot * Darkstalker x Clearsight: Definately Crazy Ex boyfriend story ...Kinkajou/Turtle (Wings of Fire) Anemone/Tamarin (Wings of Fire) Blister/Morrowseer (Wings of Fire) Riptide/Tsunami (Wings of Fire) Starflight/Clay (Wings of Fire) ... Chapter 2: Moonwatcher x Winter Chapter Text. Moonwatcher lifted her head slowly, blinking open her heavy eyelids. She yawned wearily, looking around the cave she found herself in.

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Turtle and Kinkajou laughed. "I hope our dragonets are as sweet and funny as Crescent." Turtle said shyly. Moon blushed. "Awww, thanks guys. I hope your dragonets are funny/excited as Kinkajou and sweet and as shy as Turtle. You two will be great parents." Kinkajou hugged her friend as yellow surged through her scales. Best. Friends. Forever.Wings of Fire | Reader Moon Winter Kinkajou Fatespeaker Qibli Turtle Lynx Webs Tsunami Clay Starflight ... Fanfiction Romance Winter X Reader WoF. Y/N is a Sky-Night hybrid. Growing up in the Sky Kingdom, she has been afraid of letting others know about her hybrid family. ... [m/f one piece x f reader] (𝗬/𝗡) 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗦 𝗜𝗦 ... The Scratch Saga - Part 2.0 by WazzoTV. Easter In An Eggshell || An Easter Special by -NerdAnimator-. alright cc // [not an entry just for fun] by kinkajou_turtle. maze by kinkajou_turtle. hayloft // cce by kaleido-ghost. oh klahoma cc // open remix by kinkajou_turtle. Wings of Fire platformer 2 by cute2008kitten. Like, Subscribe, Comment, Hit the Bell, and Share! Bye for now my little monsters3 days ago · Thorn (Wings of Fire) Sunny has animus and nightwing powers. There are four continents Twilightside island happens to be in the middle of it. Sunny, a Sandwing and Nightwing hybrid who lives on Prrhyia meets a Furwing named Fox who wants to take her to Twilightside academy, she’ll make her choose where she’ll go. Kinkajou had something of a crush on Prince Turtle ever since their first day at the Jade Academy. Admittedly, she had an equal crush on Prince Winter (she didn't know she …Kinkajou and Turtle went to the grand royal platform. There were other dragons there, other than Kinkajou, Turtle, Deathbringer and Glory. Kinkajou saw two Nightwings and at least five Rainwings. ... First, I'm not a Peril x Turtle shipper. It's just the most likely option in my opinion. Second, I think I left a mention of Qibli In by mistake ...Thanks for 180 subs!! :DMAP Call: parts open!Discord: Moon, Kinkajou, Qibli, Winter, Turtle and a new character while they go through... turtlejou; qibli; wingsoffireashumans +15 more # 17-DISCONTINUED- Queen Anemone Of Th... by RipThisAccount. 4.1K 53 12. Tsunami couldn't believe Anemone had done it, she'd challenged their mother for the throne of the Seawings. Will Anemone defeat Queen Coral?Two female scientists behind CRISPR technology won the 2020 Nobel prize in chemistry. What exactly is CRISPR and what does it mean for the future of disease? Advertisement Mutants ...Cursor. Meet Turtle, a male SeaWing dragonet and a member of the royal family from the series of fantasy books Wings of Fire. Turtle is a very friendly, quiet, and shy dragon who has a dark green body color and is in love with Kinkajou. Kinkajou is a female RainWing dragonet with yellow and pink scales.The kinkajou’s tail is longer than its head and body and is thickly furred and slightly prehensile. The scientific name for the kinkajou is Potos flavus. This roughly translates to golden drinker, as the kinkajou has a golden-brown coat and is fond of nectar. The common name kinkajou comes from a word that means "honey bear," as kinkajous ...Turtle (Wings of Fire) Anemone (Wings of Fire) Peril (Wings of Fire) Animus Magic (Wings of Fire) animus qibli au kind of. anemone & peril said like one thing but im gonna put them here anyway. wings of fire what if. Not Beta Read. A Wings of Fire what-if AU on what could've happened if Qibli had accepted Darkstalker's animus offer.Ship or Rip it! WOF - Quiz | Quotev. Published January 6, 2023. Meanwhile, Turtle was grabbing Winter by the jaw, and thrusting his t Kinkajou recall's her time in Nightwing captivity and the sex she was subjected to at the time while she takes out her horniness on Turtle. Work Text: ... Turtle had kept up humping her throughout her entire recounting of her first time with the older Nightwing, which had been a bit difficult to keep telling as she moaned and huffed each time ... And then the magic starts forcibly changing her color The big round eyes are able to reflect light, which gives them a bright orange appearance. The kinkajou is relatively small compared with many other types of Carnivoras. The body measures about 16 to 30 inches long, its tail adds another 15 to 22 inches, and it only weighs about 3 to 10 pounds in total. turtlejou moonbli glorybringer wingsoffire cleril ripnami wof wint

A Winglets Collection; Winglets Flip Book; The Winglets Quartet; Forge Your Dragon World; Official Coloring Book; A Guide to the Dragon World; How to DrawAs of 2009, there are 270 species of turtles, and more are being discovered. Turtles have been on the Earth for 230 million years and predate dinosaurs. Turtles have developed mult...Over time, since Turtle is Moons only friend, they start to like each other. Chapter 1 The Fall of Friendship: Moon was curled up on the floor, crying. She didnt know what to do. Everyone hated her now, even Qibli. Bigtail and Carnelian were both dead, and Tamarin was still alive, but might not survive. It was her fault.Kinkajou/Turtle (Wings of Fire) Anemone/Tamarin (Wings of Fire) ... Chapter 2: Moonwatcher x Winter Chapter Text. Moonwatcher lifted her head slowly, blinking open ...

Turtle shouted to himself, This is about Kinkajou, not you. Whatever it felt like to actually be going through this, Kinkajou already knew, Turtle realized, Just because you're not feeling it doesn't mean it's not being felt. Suddenly, an idea hit Turtle. He picked up a rock from the ground. I enchant this rock to make me know what Kinkajou's ... Kinkajou x Moon. Requested by joseph915west. Moon was studying in the library when Kinkajou flounced in, being her normal happy self. Moon was slightly annoyed when Kinkajou asked what she was doing, even though it was quite obvious. "Kinkajou, I'm a little busy!" Moon growled softly. "Fine, be all grumpy like that!"…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Grandeur is an elderly female RainWing wh. Possible cause: FluffyShibaCreations·10/29/2019. We know Turtle is crushing on Kinkajou. We don't .

Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Literature. Submit your writingTurtle had a crush on Kinkajou. Kinkajou had a crush on Winter. Two Princes. One Energetic RainWing. I think there could’ve been a much more interesting love triangle in Arc 2 if a few pieces were rearranged…

Toad (Glory and Starflight's son; Sunny named him) Sandscales (Sunny and Starflight's daughter) Seaspeaker (Tsunami and Starflight's daughter) Cricket x Blue. Bumblebee (we all know her, but they adopted her) Moth (Son) Swordtail x Luna. Sol (Son; haha im punny) Clay x Peril.Moon, Turtle and Kinkajou watched on silently as Winter began pounding harshly into Qibli, growling savagely the whole time, stretching the SandWing's tight tailhole wide. After a few moments, having somewhat recovered from the shock, a satisfied smirk began to form on Qibli's face as he let out a loud, pleasured moan with each rough thrust ...Jun 17, 2023 · Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland. Winter tries to avoid Kinkajou after having a rough day. He found out that Moon and Qibli had a relationship and never told him. However, Kinkajou talks to Winter and makes him feel a bit better. New feelings have sprouted within the two.

A/N: This is another fan submission - something to tide everybody over The kinkajou (pronounced KINK ah joo) lives in tropical rainforests from southern Mexico through Brazil. Its small, hand-like feet have fingers that are a bit webbed and end with sharp little claws. Dense, wooly fur acts as a raincoat to help keep a kinkajou dry. The kinkajou's tail is longer than its head and body and is thickly furred and ...Jul 30, 2022 - This Pin was created by S.Draws on Pinterest. Kinkajou X Winter. Jul 30, 2022 - This Pin was created by S.Draws on Pinterest. Kinkajou X Winter. Jul 30, 2022 - This Pin was created by S.Draws on Pinterest. Kinkajou X Winter ... Gay Furry Everyone talks about moon qibli and winter but no one talks about HOW KINKAJOU LIKES … Luna/Swordtail (Wings of Fire) Kinkajou/Turtle (Wings of FSummary: n which all mah ships have chillens. Kinkajou x Free online jigsaw puzzle game Journey into the Cloud Forest to save the spectacled bears, help Getty Images/Minden Pictures RM. In the rainforests of Central and South America roams the kinkajou. It may look like a monkey, with its prehensile tail and predilection for chewing with its mouth ... turtle x kinkajou. 78 3 2. by MoonReefWrites. requesTurtle had a crush on Kinkajou. Kinkajou had Kinkajou,Kinkajou,Kinkajou. His thoughts hummed.As they arrive That was what turtle thought every morning when he woke up. the pain was killing him, he wanted her to love him so badly, but he was convinced that the spell was clouding her thoughts. he sat in his room, reading a scroll. his room felt empty ever since umber left. he sighed to himself as he rolled up the scroll and decided to go get something ...Turtle had tried talking to Kinkajou earlier about his feeling for her, but she was busy with a different dragon. His heart had broken when he saw her with him. The male dragonet … Kinkajou padded into the underground lake and sat… Winter whispers to Turtle: don't worry, she won't actually eat you! Turtle: I don't- OW! *Finds, Kinkajou bitting Turtle's tail* Kinkajou: Turtle would you rather eat dust or tree? Turtle: Dust. *Hands him dust and Turtle ate it* Turtle: Qibli, would you rather kiss Moon or be friends with Winter? Qibli: that depends, is Moon captured? Turtle: Yes. At first I was like: Peril x Turtle? I mean ok. [Kinkajou,Kinkajou,Kinkajou. His thoughts hummed.As they arrivCursor. Meet Turtle, a male SeaWing dragonet and a 20-40 years. Weight. 1.4-4.6. kg lbs. Length. 40-60. cm inch. The kinkajou ( Potos flavus) is a tropical rainforest mammal related to olingos, coatis, raccoons, and the ringtail and cacomistle. It is the only member of the genus Potos and is also known as the "honey bear".(Turtle x Kinkajou) I ship it! (Don't mind the incorrect spelling on the picture) Hmm maybe Ship ship ship Rip rip rip … 12. 27. Pertle (Turtle x Peril) I rip it but maybe I ship it the tiniest bit. Ship!